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The Center for Economic and Political Research on Aging is an international center established at USI in 2012. The center has the goal of promoting policy debate and scientific research on aging, pension and health care issues. The center aims at stimulating empirical research on population aging, pension and health care design and spending, at promoting academic training on this topics, and at disseminating research output to a specialized and a general audience, through workshops, conferences and public debates. CEPRA acknowledges financial support from the Swiss National Bank and the AVS/AI/IPG Fund.


    • 28.05.2018: Conferenza CEPRA - In pensione pił tardi: vincoli economici e ...
    • 20.10.2017: Swiss Aging and Healthcare: Lugano promuove il settore delle ...
    • 16.05.2017: Sistemi pensionistici sotto i riflettori: sfide attuali e ...
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